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Leisure Courses:


Individuality: A Brave New Concept or Antiquated Pipedream?

We're not sure what the true subject matter of this course is, but for some reason we are compelled to learn more about it. More information can be obtained through the 3rd of 5 Center for Individualist Studies.


The Locutus Agenda: Our Greatest Challenge, Our Greatest Defeat

Ok...basically, we goofed. Underestimating the Federation was one of our rare but poignant failings. This course examines the recovery techniques used by Starfleet Commander (at that time Captain) William T. Riker after the encounter at Wolf 359.


Wolf 359: Military Strategy for Non-Majors

This course goes over the basics of military strategy as used by Starfleet at Wolf 359. The majority of information used in this course was gained via our (now terminated) link with Locutus.


The Jem'Hadar: A Technological Bumper-Crop!

It has been rumored that a race of genetically engineered organisms (living in the Gamma Quadrant) have made numerous advances in subspace propulsion/defense and cloaking technology. This course examines the information we have gathered through second-hand contact. As of yet, no BORG Vessels have reported encountering the Jem'Hadar first-hand.


Cubism: A Study In Ship Design

Is the cube really THAT ugly of a design? That is the topic of discussion in this course taught by one of the members of BORG Vessel BV-18253 (whose vessel ironically is not a Cube - but we'll ignore that).

Other Borg Vessel designs:


BORG-NET: Is Censorship in our Future?

Big brother is not watching us. We ARE Big Brother! This 4 week course delves into the possibility of BORG-NET Censoring & Contamination from outside sources. This study was prompted by an illegal hack into BORG Sub-NET link #106 (a low-priority, system re-generation command path) on Stardate 44001.6 by Lieutenant Commander Data (USS ENTERPRISE, Registry #NCC-1701-D). It is our hope that by studying such intrusions, we can better protect BORG-NET in the future.


Queen for a Day!

Ever wonder what you would do if the "Queen" of your particular hive were incapacitated? How would your Collective function without it? This class will teach you how to become the solidifying agent in your hive. In just 5 weeks you will be able to "bring order to chaos". This class has been taught by notables such as "3rd of 5" and "The One", both of which became chairs of their respective departments.


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