Happy Birthday to Me!

Get back to work!

Greetings, well wishers! Today (if you're reading this on August 25th) marks the anniversary of the "Happiest Day on Earth" (August 25th, 1967). That's right, My birthday! So, to honor this occassion, we have to decided to clog the Internet with yet another page on my already bloated website. All this to make a tribute page to everyone's favorite megalomaniac, Me!

Birthday Themes

On this particular birthday (#39) I will turn exactly 468 months old (14244 days old).

You know how I know? Check out this webpage!

Anywho, back in 2003, the University of Florida celebrated its sesquicentenial (150 years), so they decided to give the celebration a theme. "Honoring the Past, Shaping the Future".

So, in keeping with that, I've decided to theme my Birthdays.


39th birthday: "Wow! I can see my house from here!"


10th Birthday was "Stop Picking On Me!"
14th Birthday was "Will You Be My Friend?"
16th Birthday was "Yes!! I Have A Car!! NOW Will You Be My Friend?"
17th Birthday was "Kill all humans! Must kill all humans!"
18th Birthday was "Bite me! It's Fun!"
21st Birthday was "Can I Have That Alcohol "To Go", please?"
23rd Birthday was "Woo-HOO! I finally have chest hair!"
30th Birthday was "Oh God... not again!"
33rd Birthday was "Please... make it stop!"
35th Birthday was "Ouch! My Hip!"
36th Birthday was "18 Years of Trauma, 18 Years of Therapy!"
37th birthday was "Is my hip supposed to go "clickety-clack-clickety-clack" when I walk?"

38th birthday: "Survey says?! *ding-ding-ding* Woo-HOO! We have a winner!"


40th birthday: "Ah... so this is what the other side of the hill looks like!"
50th Birthday: "$9.95 for Geritol?! This is an outrage! I demand to talk to the manager! "
60th birthday: "Dang it! I just blew out another hip! Thank God Medicare will kick in in 5 years. Oh wait... what Medicare?!"
81st birthday: "Hey! It's 18 backwards!"
85th birthday: "In case of a water landing, your seat can be used as a flotation device."
90th birthday: "Please stand clear of the doors. Por favor mantenganse alejado de las puertas!"
92nd Birthday: "You know... Halley's Comet looked better the last time."
95th birthday: "Finally! Now I can ride Interstate 95 for Free!!!"
102nd birthday: "37,256 days old and I still haven't used any Calculus!"
105th birthday: "Ain't no stoppin' me now! Note to me: Wheelchair needs new brakes."
110th birthday: "Z-z-z-z-z... FOOTBALL PRACTICE!"

Early Pictures
Here's a picture of me from November 1967. Yes, I did have hair at one time.

Here's a picture of Me when I was almost a year old. 1967 was a good year.

Here's a picture of me when I was 5 years old. I think this picture was taken of me for school or at Sears. 1972 was a good year.

Random Pictures Over the Years, in no particular order

Here's a picture of Me with my buddy IncaMan: The 1000 Year old Inca Statue. We had this picture taken while we were on vacation in Cancun. Talk about a party animal!
Buenos Dias, Mi Amigos!
Here's a picture of Me wearing a sombrero! I was 30 years old in this picture.

I feel like a penguin!
Here's a picture of Me wearing a tuxedo on the way to my friend Mark's wedding. I clean up pretty well, eh?

If you're really observant, you'll notice that I have hair in this picture. Personally, now that I've been bald for a few years, I like the smooth scalp look. It's much easier to maintain. Only problem is that instead of having dandruff, now I get waxy yellow build-up. :)


Here's a picture that I made the day of my 37th Birthday. I was experimenting with the Clone Stamp tool in Adobe Photoshop CS. Now THAT is a powerful tool!

Actually, I used my digital camera (that Dad gave me for Xmas 2003), a tripod and various layering tools in Adobe Photoshop CS.

In a way, it really helps me to visualize all my many personalities. :)

Here's a picture of Me with my brother Christopher and our cousins, Joseph, James-Freeman and Jonathan. The dog in the lower right corner is Bud. Bud has since gone to doggie heaven.

Here's a picture of Me at My 4th birthday (August 25th, 1971). The woman behind Me is My Godmother Hazel. She passed away last year at 90 years old, and the woman to her left is her mom (My aunt Muriel, who would be 105 this year). Aunt Muriel lived to be 97 years old.

Here's a picture of Me at my Uncle Jerome's birthday. Don't you just love my glasses?

Here's another picture of Me wearing a tuxedo (July 31, 2004). This tuxedo however was custom tailored. It was a gift to Me from My friend Ted Fletcher (whom I was Best Man for at his wedding). Since the groom, best man and groomsman were all bodybuilders, we decided to have our tuxedos custom tailored, so that we wouldn't look frumpy. They did a good job, don't you think?

This picture was taken the night I went to see my friend John's one-man cabaret/variety show (that he produced, directed and starred in).

As you can see, I was always a snappy dresser. Here's a picture of Me just before one of my piano recitals. I wonder if I can get a jacket like that in an adult size.

Here's a picture of me at Walt Disney World (specifically Downtown Disney). Walt Disney World is one of my favorite places in the Universe. Its one of the things that makes living in Florida worthwhile.

Here's a picture of My Mom, Dad, brother Christopher and Myself at our first trip to Walt Disney World in June 1972.

Walt Disney World opened on October 1st, 1971, and since my brother had just been born (May 9th, 1971), Mom & Dad decided to wait until the following Summer before we made the trip. Personally, I think that first trip to WDW made quite an impression on me..

Here's another picture from that same trip to Walt Disney World. Mom is taking the picture and my grandmother Ada is standing behind me. The one thing I remember most from the trip is how Mama Ada helped calm me down as we visited "The Haunted Mansion". And to think, a ride that terrified me when I was 4 years old, is now one of my favorite rides.

Here's a picture Mom took of Dad, Christopher and I on our way to get Christopher's first haircut. Needless to say, he wasn't "all smiles" during his haircut (like I am). :)

Here's a picture of Christopher and I after getting Adam West's (ie. Batman) autograph. I'm not sure why Chris looks so crest-fallen, but in retrospect I know it was cool getting to meet a celebrity.

Here's a picture of me and IncaMan in an advertisement for AnimalPak supplements..

Here's a picture of Me at the Graduate Student Orientation (2004). It was held on August 16th, 2004 in the new addition to the Reitz Union. I represented the UF Computing Help Desk and assisted the incoming students with any GatorLink problems they had (in addition to promoting our ETD service).

Here's a picture of my wife Kandra and I (who at that time was my fiance') at the California Grill Restaurant, atop the Contemporary Resort Hotel at Walt Disney World. The food was great and the view was tremendous. I definitely recommend it if you're looking for a 5-star restaurant where you can take your "special someone".

Kandra & I on our Wedding Day!
Kandra and I on our wedding day, near Lake Alice.
Well, this picture is self explanatory. Birthday's are cool!

And now for my physique transformation.

This was a picture of Me when I was 16 years old (circa April 1984). This is the only shirtless picture of Me during my youth. It was part of a yearbook photoshoot we had for our school play "The Miracle Worker" (I was Percival the slave boy).

You'll notice that in all my pre-1985 pictures I was rather frail looking. Well, years of weight training and eating properly would soon change all that.

This is a picture of me performing a side chest pose the night that I won the Overall Men's Open trophy in the 2003 Gainesville Bodybuilding Championships.

Here's a professional "after" picture of Me, taken by Pat Lee. This is in stark contrast to the "before" picture of me two panels above.

It's amazing what 20 years and 50 lbs. of muscle mass can do to change how you look.

Here's a somewhat recent picture of Me, taken in July 2004 by My friend Daniel. I'm performing a pose known as a front double bicep.

Here I am doing a rear lat spread.

Here I am doing a rear double bicep.

Here is a family portrait from 1977, showing Me, My Mom, Dad and brother with My Dad's brother (Uncle Joe) and sister (Aunt Nancy Ruth).

Not all of Aunt Nancy Ruth's children are in this picture because they weren't born yet (namely Christina and Melinda). The cool thing is that Zakiya (the baby in the picture) now has children of her own that are older than some of us are in the picture. Ah... the circle of life.

I thought I'd put this picture in again, because it's cool.

Happy Birthday to Me!

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