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Welcome to my new website!

Welcome to my world! Thank you for visiting me at my official website. I would like to start by saying it's been a dream of mine for many years to be a music artist. I am delighted to share my music with you and others around the globe. I've been so pleased with the support received and I know with your help I'm close to having my work recognised universally. Let's do it together!

I'm very proud to be different and diverse as an artist and want to work and collaborate with as many performers as possible. People always ask me what style am I? All I can explain is it's a style all on it's own, but Pop/RnB crossover is a good place to start if you wanted a bracket!

On here you will be able to navigate your way through what has been my life for what seems like many years now! I have many images, mp3's and media to share with you, along with updates of when I'm performing and any new studio work or music related work I'm doing. I Hope you enjoy looking around and look forward to talking with you all and hearing your thoughts! Keep in touch and don't forget to sign my logbook, join the mailing list and email me so I can keep you informed about updates!

Take care

Rob J

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