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 !  The Class of 1985: "Ah... the memories!"

ACND's Class of 1985 Celebrates It's 20th Year!



We were the first freshman class of the new Archbishop Curley High School - Notre Dame Academy merger. Starting our academic life in the Fall of 1981, we had no idea of the exciting road that lay ahead of us. Many of us made lifelong friendships during those four years, and the academic rewards of our association with ACND cannot be understated.

Archbishop Curley-Notre Dame High School offers students in grades 9 through 12 a college preparatory curriculum in a Catholic environment based upon Judeo-Christian principles. By word and practice, interaction and experience, ACND fosters acceptance and appreciation of different cultural, religious, and economic backgrounds, preparing each person to be a responsible, involved, and compassionate citizen in a global society.

During our four years at "Curley", we took courses in Theology, English, Science, Mathematics, Foreign Languages, Personal Fitness/Health, Social Studies and Fine Arts/Vocational Studies. We were a very well rounded group by the time 1985 rolled around.

Many of us were involved in athletics and some were involved in activities such as student government, Amor en Accion, Band, Theater, Chess, etc. Still yet, those of us who were truly ambitious took part in both, while still being able to excel academically and spiritually.

We took our last courses at ACND during the 1984-1985 academic year, and our commencement in May 1985 truly marked a milestone in our lives. It was the beginning of our adult lives, and from that point forward, we would be able to use the skills and values taught to us by our mentors at ACND.

We last met at the 10 year reunion in November 1995, and a lot of things had changed. We now had "the Internet", although it was still in its infancy. Cellphones were just becoming popular (replacing pocket pagers and beepers). Quite a few of us not only graduated from college but had started our own families, and become successful in our chosen careers.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of our graduation from ACND and were planning to meet in Miami, FL. during ACND's Homecoming Weekend, October 28-30, 2005. I'll post more information here as it becomes available.

Please e-mail me your address and contact information if you haven't been contacted by Jodi Reiner-Mennes, Ross Contney, Ron Zighelboim or any of your fellow classmates.

Below is a list of people whom I've contacted so far, via

People in my network
People who have yet to respond to my invitation to be a part of my network

Aleyda Rodriguez
Belkis Barberio
Christine Roberts
Gavin Poole
Jodi Mennes
Jonathan Hughes
Karen Johnson
Lea Huseman
Lesa Mitchell
Linda Hofmann
Lynn Todd
Michael Whisonant
Nadine Pepin
Patricia Wilcox
Robert Melo
Roland Carey
Sandra Nicholas

James Albury (me!)

Bevery Ferrell
Craig Armbrister
Craig Kenney
Cynthia Dicicco
Deborah (Debbie) Whitebrook
Debra Kim Deason
Erick Gulke
Francisco Ramirez
Glenn Bialy
Gregory Davis
Indira Hammerschmidt
James Lewkowitz
Johannes Thompson
Leslie Albury
Marco Valencia
Maria Cos
Michael Kandrashoff
Miriam Soto
Pete Hoerber
Stephen Broderick
Steve Jones
Steve Thomas
Steven Dettman

If you've seen or heard from any of these folks, please have them e-mail me. Keep in mind that there were almost 120 of us who graduated from ACND in 1985, and sadly there are only about 40 or so listed above. So if you're in touch with any fellow classmates, let them know about the Reunion or have them e-mail me and we'll get them the information.

Although many things have changed over the years, a lot of things have remained the same. ACND is now the home to a new generation of students, whose hopes and dreams for the future will have its seeds planted in the same halls and classrooms where we once roamed.

Hopefully we'll get to see each other this year, and as always "Go Knights!"

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