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Shaun Clarida

My Story

My name is Shaun Clarida and I am a professional bodybuilding competitor. I just earned my pro-card and can compete in the INBF (International Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation) as a professional.

I'm currently a graduate student at Rider University, located in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. My hometown is Hackensack, New Jersey. I have been competing since May 14th, 2005 and have done a total of seven shows.

As of April 2006, I received my "pro card" which will allow me to compete professionally in the INBF.

The day started out rough w/the bad weather. I came in weighin 133lbs but I felt ready to handle my business. There was 7 bantams and I went in with
the mentality that I was the best. I gave my all in the prejudging and came back for the final night show to end up being the victor.

My time came up for the Overall. I have been in many overall posedowns and have never won, but i felt that today was my day. There were so many of my family members and friends their to support me and I wanted to win this, especially in front of all of them. I did my mandatory poses in the overall and when it came to the posedown, I jumped right in front of Tim Martin (the heavyweight) and gave it my all. I know judges usually look at the heavyweight, so I had to prove to them that I was better and I proved myself.

With God in my corner, I was able to be the victor of the whole show... today was my day. I worked hard everyday, training to be the best.

Prior to bodybuilding, I wrestled for my high school for two years in the 103 lbs. weight class and two years in college in the 125lb weight class. I began working out while in high school and continued to do so through my college career. I decided to start competing after talking with bodybuilders who work out at the same gym I do, whom inspired me to train harder than I did. Before actually stepping onto stage, I had to learn the basics about proper posing, proper dieting and everything else that has to do with becoming a successful bodybuilder.

My Contest History

I have competed in eight shows in the past year. I currently weigh between 135lbs and 140lbs.

I have competed in both Open Men Bantamweight and Novice Lightweight while competing in then National Physique Committee organization and the INBF. I plan on bulking up to add as lean mass as possible so that when I compete in the future, I can dominate my weight division.

The shows I have done include:

  • NPC Mid-Atlantic Natural Classic and Fitness - 3rd place out of 5
    I competed in the Novice Lightweight

  • NPC X-Calibur Championships - 2nd out of 2
    I competed in the Open Men Bantamweight

  • NPC Muscle Beach Championships -1st out of 5 & 1st out of 4
    I competed in both Novice Lightweight and Open Bantamweight and got 1st in both categories.

  • NPC Natural Empire States Championships -1st out of 1
    I was the only competitor in the Open Bantamweight

  • NPC North East Open Championships -1st out of 2 and 2nd out of 4
    I competed in both Novice Lightweight, where I took 2nd out of 4 and I took 1st in the Open Men Bantamweight, where I defeated the competitor who beat me at the X-Calibur Championships

  • INBF World Championships - 3rd out of 10
    I competed in the Open Men Bantamweight where I was up against guys from all over the United States.

  • INBF Northeast America - 1st in Bantam out of 7
    I was awarded the Overall Title and the Best Poser award. By winning 'Overall' I achieved my Pro Card, which will allow me to compete in the INBF professionally.

  • INBF Hercules International - 1st in Bantam out of 9

I am still young and have many plans and goals for my future bodybuilding career. Some of those goals include gaining a lot more muscle mass, competing in many more competitions.

In closing, I want to give a special shout out to my loving fiancee Mallory. Not only is she my fiancee, but she's my coach, and she's always pushing me that extra step to improve.

Thank you, Mallory!

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