Top Ten Things Ashley Was Thinking During Her First 8:00-12:30 Architecture Shift

10. Gee, I've never been in this lab before.  Maybe I should have familiarized
    myself with the equipment BEFORE taking this *single staffed* shift!

 9. Wow! I get an Op Station ALL to mySELF! 8)

 8. Sure is quiet in here.

 7. "You need more paper? Ok. {now where is it? a-ha!} (scurry scurry) Oh. You
     need paper for the LASER printer!" 8( (not to worry, I found it. I think.)

 6. I'm hungry.

 5. I'm hungry and my butt hurts.

 4. I'm hungry and my butt hurts and THESE @#$!! IMAGEWRITERS KEEP JAMMING!!! 
    (My potty emergency relief later told me there were some rollers missing.)

 3. I just stuffed enough chocolate into my system in the space of 10 minutes
    to throw myself into a diabetic coma.  Why won't these letters hold STILL?!

 2. User: "Could you help me set up MSWord on the scanner?  No that's a plotter.
           No, not there.  No, no, THERE.  Haven't you ever used a scanner?"   

    Me:   "God, I feel like an idiot.  All these toys look alike."

 1. I really, really, REALLY wish I were at John's surprise party right now. 
    Hope it was a good one, my friend!

MBBS/Board 12: 10 minutes till VENKMAN's birthday!


Date: 31-Mar-1994 11:44 PM

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