Top Ten Amazing Biblical Facts (Brought to you by the ClockTower Bible & Tract Society)

10.  Did you know that if you take any seven words in the Bible, ANY seven, 
	and count them, you get SEVEN?!

 9.  There are 66 books in the Bible...and if you multiply that number by 
	.1060606060606060606..., you get SEVEN!

 8.  If you collect any 49 Bible verses...from ANYWHERE in the whole Bible...
	and put them together, side by'll find that there are 
	SEVEN times SEVEN of them!
 7.  You know what the number of this entry is?  SEVEN!!  WOW!!!

 6.  Through careful study of the timespans involved in Biblical events, it 
	has been positively shown that the world will end in 1886.

 5.  Through a more careful study, which was really much better than that 
	previous study, we're now sure that the world will end in 1932.

 4.  We're really sorry about those last two studies.  This time we've really 
	got it.  The world will end in 1965.

 3.  Ah.  We have found that our chief Bible translator (translating the 
	original New World Translation into the ancient Greek and Hebrew) was 
	really a heathen devil-worshipping scum from Hell and we have thrown 
	him out of our organization.  Having gotten a new translator, and a 
	better grasp of prophecy, we can now say with some confidence that 
	the world will end in 45,034,678.

 2.  Did you know that if you take the number of entries in this Top Ten List, 
	add three (the number of persons of God), and subtract six (thus 
	removing all Satanic influences), you guessed it...SEVEN!

 1.  Did you know that if you take the number of dollars we get from 
	contributions every year, and divide that by the number of people on 
	our Executive Commitee, you get...well, a heck of a lot more than 
	seven.  But if you add up all the digits in that number (what are 
	there, six digits or so?) you'll get SEVEN, I'm SURE of it!

BOARD #12:  "Not as good as Board SEVEN, but if you add the digits in 12, you 
	     get THREE..which is almost as holy as SEVEN."


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