Top Ten Channels WUFT Won't Admit to Being Able to Pick Up On Their Brand New Satellite Dish

10.  BarneyVision: "I Love You, You Love Me...24 Hours a Day!"
 9.  E.S.P.N.: "The Extra Sensory Perception Network"
 8.  The Whether-You-Like-It-Or-Not Channel
 7.  Der Network Von Bustenhalter
 6.  C-SPANK
 5.  The Scenery Channel
 4.  VH-90210
 3.  PB-Yes!: "The Network for Peanut Butter Enthusiasts"
 2.  The English Channel:  "Make Up Your Own Joke.  We're Drinking Tea."
 1.  The Dizzy Channel:  "24 Hours of your favorite Disney Characters in an
			  MindWarp format."

              BOARD #12:  "Working Harder To Serve You Dinner."

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