Top Ten Proposed New Slogans For 'Coca-Cola'

10.  "Now in new edible metal can!"

 9.  "Coca-Cola:  Strip paint with it!"

 8.  "Coca-Cola:  The Surreal Thing!"  (New spokesperson:  Dali Parton. 8) )

 7.  "You thought Crystal Pepsi was bad, wait til you try THIS stuff!"

 6.  "For clogged drains, nothing works better!"

 5.  "Drink dis, fool!"

 4.  "Coca-Cola:  Please buy it, please, please, please!"

 3.  "Coca-Cola:  Not much better than brown water!"

 2.  "Cindy!" 

 1.  "Coca-Cola:  If you don't drink it, you'll die.  We promise."

MBBS:  "Coca-Cola:  Now with TWENTY TIMES the caffeine!"

Date: 15-Apr 02:11 AM  766375929

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