Top Ten Proposed Slogans For VAX E-mail

10.  "When You Posolutely, Absitively Have To Get It There In 5 SECONDS!"

 9.  "Now with Cap'n Crunch Brand Escape Code Filters!"

 8.  "Why Ask Why?  Just Type HELP, You Moron."

 7.  mx%""

 6.  "When You're Too Cheap to Afford a 29 Cent Stamp, and Too Lazy To Walk
	To The Mailbox."

 5.  "With annoying filenames like MAIL$0D15E06400050098.MAI, who needs MBBS?"

 4.  "If Cindy Crawford had an e-mail address, just THINK of the possibilities!"

 3.  "Is that a sig.file in your pocket, or are you just desperate for

 2.  "Annually, we're responsible for over 40,000 blocks of exceeded quota.
	Top THAT ya little Munch Muffin!"

 1.  "We'd Get It To Them Faster, But You Type Too Slow!"

              BOARD #12:  "Heh...try doing THIS on punchcards!"

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