Top Ten Other Locations for Euro-Disney That Would Have Been Better Than France

10.  20,000 leagues under the sea
 9.  Praxis
 8.  Downtown Beirut
 7.  The Moon
 6.  The basement of Turlington (but then, no one would be able to find it.)
 5.  Hell
 4.  Eustis, Florida
 3.  Ben Hill Griffin Stadium
 2.  Love Canal
 1.  In the Busch Gardens parking lot

    EURO-DISNEY:  "There's something about seven dirty little men dressed as
		   dwarves, that just screams family entertainment.  Granted, 
		   they're flipping you the finger as they gibber about your 
		   Momma in some bizarre moon-man language, but hey!  You get
		   what you pay for!"


"You figure, Euro-Disney is losing 5 million dollars a year, which is about how 
 much Jay Freddings spent on tickets to see Aladdin."

					- Russ A.  (Age 7)

"You know, had they built it across the street from Tokyo Disneyland they 
 would have made more money."

					- Skippy P  (Age 12)

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