Top Ten Rejected Slogans For Grove

10.  "Little...Yellow...Broken."
 9.  "The Poor Man's _Elm_."
 8.  "5 minutes or 50,000 system crashes, whichever comes first."
 7.  "Official Sponsor of the Vi Editor."
 6.  "Oh please."
 5.  "EMACS?  What's that?"
 4.  "FINGER?  You're losing me."
 3.  "PRINT?  Is that some sort of command?!"
 2.  "You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll consider getting a NERDC account."
 1.  "The next best thing to buying a Timex Sinclair."

    GROVE:  "She's got no transmission, but the paintjob looks DANG good!"

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