Top Ten Reasons To Hire Venkman at CIRCA

10.  	Will work for only: Five Dollars.

 9.  	Definitely is *not* involved in the sending, forwarding 
	or otherwise transmitting chain letters of any form, 
	especially letters from VAXUNLIMITED.

 8.	Nobody knows more about MUD than "Big Daddy Venk", and
	let's face it, what else would you do to pass the time 
	at CSE?

 7.	He's not Norm!

 6.	The best value per pound...

 5.	The challenge of seeing CIRCA try to find a blue vest 
	large enough to fit "Air Venk".

 4.	50 hours of swimming and diving (Oh...that'Ős Top Ten 
	Reasons To Subscribe to The Olympic Triplecast).

 3. 	"Thank you for calling CIRCA, home of Mr. Boppo the Happy
	 Pasteurized Cheese Food Product.  What can we do for you today?"

 2.	Former official grammatician Dave "I weigh 250 lbs. less than Venkman"
	Shlafer" no longer works there.

 1.	Free "housewarming" in CSE 520.

(DIQMAN - 7/7/1993 - modifications by ENTERPRISE)


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