Top Ten Slogans For The New Food Court At The HUB:

10.  "We're Overpriced, and Underfunded!  Go fig!"
 9.  "Bring in an Add Sheet, and your 3rd Triple Bypass is on US!"
 8.  "Oh please."
 7.  "Formerly Student Financial Services"
 6.  "We're HUB-errific!"
 5.  "A Hungry Fool and His Money Are Soon Parted."
 4.  "You'll Laugh, You'll Cry, You'll Kiss Your Stomach Goodbye!"
 3.  "Ever gag on a 3 day old doughnut?  Ever salivate over a box of
	greasy bird parts?  You will...and AT&T will bring it to you."
 2.  "We're So Close To The Bookstore, You Can Smell It!"
 1.  "Home of the Steve Spurrier Expiration Date Grab-Bag!"

              The NEW Food Court @ The Hub:  "Mmmmm...Hog fat!"

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