Top Ten Reasons Julia Roberts & Lyle Lovett Are Bustin' Up

10.  She heard Billy Joel was available.
 9.  Lyle's hair demanded equal attention.
 8.  The idea of eventually changing her name to Julia Lovett pushed her over 
	the edge.
 7.  She finally took that trip to Lens Crafters to update her prescription.
 6.  How can ANY sane woman pass up Frequent-Flyer-Miles on "Air Venk"?!
 5.  Two Words:  Irreconcilable Ugliness
 4.  Lyle's fiendish obsession with "former OJ Simpson maid" Rosa Lopez was 
	getting in the way of their marriage.
 3.  It's a ploy to sell her new movie "Pretty Woman Dumps Ugly Man"
 2.  The phrase "Lovett or Leave it" sounded a little too appetizing.
 1.  The wedding pictures finally came back...and Regis Philbin wasn't in ANY
	of them!

          JULIA ROBERTS & LYLE LOVETT:  "When the going gets tough,
				         the tough buy glasses."


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