Top Ten Reasons Why Greg Should Let Me Move In With Him

10. We can turn the apartment into a fully self-contained CIRCA lab.
 9. It's fun to receive junk mail addressed to 'Big Daddy Venk'.
 8. If anyone comes over and tried to watch the OJ trial, I'll personally
	kill them.
 7. Babes, babes, babes!
 6. We can make Jim really bitter by going to work out and not inviting him.
 5. I supply the keys to Weil, you supply the tools, and we get us a shiny
	new Pentium!
 4. Every Wednesday is Big-Ass Ham Night(tm).
 3. If Camelot ever has their own version of WWF Wrestling, we can kick some
	major butt.
 2. More waffles than you can shake a stick at!
 1. I promise not to set the place on fire....much.


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