Top Ten Exciting New Colors The Dodge Neon is Available In

10. Exploding Flamingo Pink
 9. Greenish
 8. Really Tacky Orange
 7. Michael Jackson Off-White
 6. Test Color #XK200539 ("We're not sure what it is, but when we tried to
	analyze it, the spectrometer blew up.")
 5. Electric Mauve
 4. Dear-God-Is-That-Person-Driving-A-Giant-Banana Yellow
 3. African-American
 2. Pulsating Sea-Squirt Red
 1. Acidwarp!

MBBS/Board 12/The Dodge Neon:  "Hi.  For your safety, please wear protective
				goggles when looking directly at me."

Date: 15-May 10:54 AM  800535304

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