Top Ten Things Overheard During The O.J. Simpson Car "Chase"

10.  "Cool!  They're televising a car chase, on all 3 networks.  I wonder
	who their cha...O.J. SIMPSON?!"
 9.  "Why are the police chasing O.J. Simpson?  Does he have a football
	in his car?"

 8.  "Gee...I knew Hertz was tough on their Return Policy, but this is

 7.  "Are we there yet?"

 6.  "'s not so much a car 'chase' as it is a car 'following'."
	- Dave Shlafer & Pals

 5.  "Hey, is this OJ?  Yeah...I'm calling from Wilkeshire Blvd, and 39th.
	Could you speed it up a bit.  Some of us want to get home to
	watch ourselves on TV."

 4.  "Juice!  Juice!  Jui...oh wait.  What am *I* cheering for?  I'm a Packers

 3.  "When you get a chance, I want you to send Nordberg in here.  We have
	to have a talk."  - Lt. Frank Drebin

 2.  "You know, it's nice that CBS has taken an hour out of MY viewing time to
	broadcast a MOTORCADE!  I oughta sue."  - Skippy Podar

 1.  "Next week, on the SIMPSONS...Bart kills his evil next door neighbors,
	and leads Chief Wiggam on a 50 minute 'chase' through Downtown
	Springfield.  Mmmm...doughnuts."

         BOARD #12:  "Gee, I didn't know Hertz rented Get-Away-Vans."

               The O.J. SIMPSON CAR "CHASE":  "Z-z-z-z-z-z..."

User: Enterprise - "No one was admitted to the theatre during the exciting car
		    parking sequence"...8)

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