Top Ten Things Overheard at the Power Plant Gym Last Night

10.  "The sign says you have to wear a shirt.  It says NOTHING about having
	to wear pants."

 9.  "Uh, sir?  I think a loss of urinary control is a good sign that you need
	to lower the weight a bit."

 8.  SKIPPY: "Greg, why is it that I can never find the 125 lb. dumbells when
	      I need them?"

     GREG:  "You just don't know where to look, Skippy my boy!.  Behold! 
	     They've been conveniently dumped in an unseemly pile next to the
	     dead body."

     SKIPPY:  "What dead body?"

     GREG:  "THAT dead body!  Next to the Smith machine."

     SKIPPY:  "Eeep!  I thought that was a bean bag chair!"

 7.  "Gee, doing sit-ups isn't NEARLY as much fun without Russ." 

 6.  SKIPPY:  "Cripes!  Did you see the deltoids on that guy?!"

     GREG:  "Uh, that was a girl, Skippy."

     SKIPPY:  "Uh...whoops.  Well, she DOES have excellent anterior definition
	       wouldn't you say?"  8)

     GREG:  "Just shut-up and lift, monkey boy!"

 5.  "Gee, I don't know which is worse.  Watching your eyes bug out, or
	listening to Mariah Carey sing 'Dream Lover'.

 4.  "Tired of being puny!  Then shuffle on over to Madame Fong's Veins-A-
	Poppin' Gym!  Who needs arteries when you've got biceps as large as
	grapefruits!  Have that aneurysm you've been waiting ALL your life

 3.  "Excuse me Mr. Albury, but you're going to have to leave your inflatable
	woman outside."

 2.  SKIPPY:  "Hey Greg, the power lifters are here."  8(

     GREG:  "I was wondering where all the 45 lb. plates went."


     GREG:  "Oooch!  That's gonna leave a mark."

     SKIPPY:  "Cool!  I always wanted to see a hiatal hernia in the making!" 8)

 1.  "So, Skippy?  Now that we're working out and drinking milk, when do the
	girls start rollin' in?"  :)

           POWER PLANT:  "Life is too short to be small!   Grrrr!"

- October 22, 1993

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