Top Ten Responses to the Question "Can I have a raise?"

10.  "Very funny.  Now get back to work."

 9.  "Ask me again next year."

 8.  "You mean to say you want MORE money?"

 7.  "I'm glad you stopped by.  The answer is NO."

 6.  "Are you trying to make me mad?"

 5.  "I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that."

 4.  "There's no money in the budget for such frivolities."

 3.  "I'm in a very bad mood right now.  Are you SURE you want to discuss

 2.  "I should fire you right now, but if you don't mention it again, I'll
	let it pass."

 1.  "What's your name again?"

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- Inspired by Matt Groening _____________________________________________________________________

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