Top Ten Bumperstickers Found on Saddam Hussein's Presidential Tank

10.  "I'm the Mother of All Dictators!"
 9.  "Honk If You Love Allah."
 8.  "How's my driving?  Dial 1-800-JIHAD-69"
 7.  "Carter & Mondale in 1992"
 6.  "If you can read this, you obviously know Arabic."
 5.  "If you CANT read this, you're probably one of the 45% of the Iraqi 
	population that is illiterate."
 4.  "Baghdad is for lovers."
 3.  "Have hugged your SCUD today?"
 2.  "Guns don't kill people.  Well, for that matter, neither do SCUDs."
 1.  "I done gassed yo momma!  Word!"

                SADDAM HUSSEIN:  "The Thief of Paper Baghdad!"

January 31, 1991

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