Top Ten Reasons Hillary Won't Be Invited Back To "Sesame Street"

10. Announced government plans to rid the nation of talking frogs by

 9. Asked if she could spell "cat", she snapped "I'm a Yale graduate you
    felt-faced freak!"

 8. Two words: "Puppet Tax"

 7. Mistook Oscar The Grouch for a rat.  Beat him to death with a rake

 6. Insisted on wearing totally inappropriate cone bra

 5. She squeezed Big Bird a little too hard during health care "turn
    your head & cough" segment

 4. Demanded dressing room fridge be stocked with malt liquor

 3. Told behind-the-scenes puppeteer "That's pretty much how I handle

 2. She pulled one of those Ted Danson deals

 1. Kept saying "Where the hell's Barney?"

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