Top Ten Titles For Various Artist's Upcoming Albums

10.  Mariah Carey:  "Screech!"
 9.  Bruce Springsteen:  "Color Me Inarticulate"
 8.  Rod Stewart:  "Rasp!"
 7.  Ace_of_Base:  "All That She Wants Is Another Single"
 6.  Madonna:  "Whip Me, Beat Me, Teach Me To ACT!"
 5.  Michael Bolton:  "It's a Weave...I tell ya!"
 4.  NKOTB:  "We Have 3 Minutes of our 15 Minutes of Fame Left"
 3.  LaToya Jackson:  "Psychotic, No Talent, Superstar Wanna-be"
 2.  Nirvana:  "Smells Like Dr. Kevorkian"
 1.  Guns_N_Roses:  "ENOUGH ALREADY!"

            MBBS:  "No, we're not on heavy medication.  We're just
                           vector mapped that way."

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