Top Ten VaxUnlimited Projects Slated For The Fall Semester

10.  Try to think of a nice way to tell RECYCLER he's too annoying, even for

 9.  Copy every file on disk$user into [VAXUNLIMITED] and claim it as their

 8.  Post dumb things on Usenet until someone finally gets annoyed enough to
	create alt.vaxunlimited.die.die.die

 7.  Inbreeding!  Inbreeding!  Inbreeding!

 6.  Waste 10,000 man-hours defending themselves to people who already know
	how useless they really are.

 5.  Download the newest upgrade version of Visual C++.

 4.  Challenge Locutus again for the highest ratio of irrelevant blather/useful
	information in their mail messages.

 3.  Whine incessantly for no apparent reason.

 2.  Make all of VAX look stupid by writing dumb letters to The Alligator.

 1.  Take the proceeds from teaching all those VAX classes and buy a pack
	of Juicy Fruit.

MBBS/Board 12/VAXU:  "We bring new meaning to the word 'farce'."

(VENKMAN - 6/22/94)

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