Top Ten_or_so Rejected Slogans For VaxUnlimited

23.  "Put THAT in your 'pipe' and smoke it!"
22.  "Ignorance is bliss, but it is not an excuse."
21.  "We try harder...and still fail miserably."
20.  "New members get a FREE copy of Visual C++"
19.  "Z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z"
18.  "More useless mail than you can shake a stick at!"
17.  "At least we're not the VVC"
16.  "Want to be an officer?  Okay!"
15.  "Not even Norm!(tm) was enough of a failure to join us."
14.  "Okay, we admit it...we suck."
13.  "Providing a much-needed ego boost to people who could really use one."
12.  "What's the -ANY- key?"
11.  "We suck up 25 computers for 2 hours just to teach 3 people how to log in."
10.  "Over 98% of our members go on to graduate from Career City College."
 9.  "The highest average failure test score of any campus organization!"
 8.  "The place to go when nobody else likes you."
 7.  "Official Sponsors of the 1994 Annoying-Mass-Mail-Off!"
 6.  "A complete waste of time, since 1992."
 5.  "We've cornered the market on ostentatious snobbery."
 4.  "Formerly Chuckie's Weenie Barn."
 3.  "Hey, we have lives.  No, really!"
 2.  "We'll make you laugh, we'll make you cry, we'll make you feel really 
 1.  "Dear God, we're annoying!"

MBBS/BOARD #12/VAXU:  "Keeping the undergraduate attrition rate at its highest,
		       for over	2 years running!"

(The Chuckwagon Gang - 1994)

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